Monday, April 03, 2017

Warfighter Exercise 2017

So this is it. We're finally here. This week kicks off the division's Warfighter Exercise.
It's been a long time coming. Back in November, we did the Yama Sakura exercise. In January, we had Command Post Exercise 2 CPX2). And in early March, we did CPX3. All these exercises have been leading to this present moment, which will test the division headquarters' and commanding general's performance.

Along with that, we've been testing the "three command post" idea, whereby we have a main command post, a "support area command post (SACP)," and a forward Division Tactical Operations Center (DTAC).

There's a certain level of silliness to this idea. With the same number of people, each section has to meet not only its normal field exercise expectations, but also give people for the DTAC, all while *not* dropping its regular garrison mission. It's a stressful time, with a lot of long hours.

As with all Army activities, every echelon has opinions on how things are supposed to work. We call this the work of "good idea fairies," magical beings who sprinkle their idea dust on those who think of themselves as "being proactive."

For example, personnel in the DTAC have been issued camouflage face paint. Why? Because it's "tactical." Never mind the fact that we're all sitting inside a tent with camo netting on top of it -- we still have to wear it while we sit at our computer screens.

For the same reason, we've also been issued Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), despite the fact that the only place we have any reason to walk to is the latrines. So here we are with all these sensitive items, and we only thing they're good for is as a flashlight replacement.

But as we say in the Army (with only the tone expressing our true feelings), Hoo-ah.

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